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Are you looking for natural remedies or treatment for colds and flu? We have some solutions.

As we head into the cold, influenza and flu season there are ways to improve our immune system function; plenty of rest, lots of fluids, limited stress, frequent hand washing and proper dress such as wrapping your neck up in a scarf.  Keeping the immune system strong will help fight off many unwanted viruses and bacterial infections; however, sometimes the body just succumbs.  Allowing the body to recover on its own from a cold is an option.  The flu brings a number of horrendous symptoms, such as fever, nausea, headaches, body aches, cough and congestion, naturally the sufferer wants relief.  There are several options.

Doctors often prescribe Tamiflu for H1N1, and Influenza A and B, although it is not recommended beyond the initial 48 hours of symptoms.  It cannot be used haphazardly because viral resistance can occur.  Many doctors recommend flu shots, which often contain the live virus.   These are prohibited in pregnant women and nursing mothers.  If you have a compromised immune system you probably want to get a flu shot.   Coming down with the flu actually strengthens the immune system in the long run.  If you are a healthy individual there is tremendous advantage to the immune system after contacting the flu.

Flu Relief Fast with Herbal Treatment

If you get the flu, Chinese medicine can shorten its duration significantly.  Usually in 2 days, the person is feeling considerably better and returns to their normal routines of life much quicker.   Drinking herbal tea every 2-3 hours will reduce symptoms and strengthen your immune system.  Feel free to call Better Health Acupuncture in Lakewood with any questions.

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