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Here are what some have said about Better Health Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine:

Mimi is a knowledgeable and compassionate therapist. She knows the right questions to ask to determine the most effective treatment points. Mimi focuses on the entire person - mind, body and soul, building a relationship with you while addressing your physical ailment(s). The combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs that Mimi uses is a highly powerful therapy. She has successfully worked with me through knee and hip pain as well as perimenopausal issues. 

--Liesl P

I was fortunate to find Mimi's practice a couple of years ago when I was struggling with stress that had led to chronic lower back pain and increasing anxiety. Since that time I have come to appreciate her holistic approach, which has helped me improve my life immensely! Whether in an acupuncture appointment or a coaching call, Mimi takes the time to listen and understand all aspects of my situation. She then provides me with targeted tips and strategies that I can easily implement in my life. I have recommended Mimi to many others and they find what I did; Mimi is a gifted healer that goes above and beyond to ensure she makes a positive difference in the lives of her clients. I am so grateful that I found her and that I am feeling so much better today. 

– Adria M

I have been seeing Mimi for four years and in that time I have been fortunate to receive healing from a loving, compassionate, and nurturing healer. I initially found her online and saw that her expertise included treating bronchitis. I had been suffering from a severe bout. She helped immediately when she gave me Chinese herbs and administered expert acupuncture. I began to see her regularly for neck and back aches and again, she has helped alleviate pain. Because I’m an insomniac, she gave me herbs, which I still take and find them to be effective. I’d also like to stress that Mimi is an intuitive healer—not just a technician. In other words, she can sense the hurt and pain in one’s body and that to me is an exceptionally unique talent and skill that surpasses most practitioners. Mimi is someone I enjoy talking to because she listens with such concern that when I leave her care, I feel rejuvenated. I can’t find enough good things to say about this intuitive, compassionate healer. 

--Emma P

Mimi’s work is a true holistic approach to wellness. Coaching and Chinese medicine complement each other by sharing the aim to enable all beings to attain optimal energy and live fulfilled lives. With each session Mimi brings a unique perspective which deepens the understanding of wellness. I especially like her mindful acupuncture sessions.

–Dalida T

A couple of years ago, my chiropractor recommended I go to Mimi for neck issues that weren't resolving. To my surprise she helped me with a number of other issues, too. The main one was my thyroid.

My medical doctor put me on thyroid medicine. But the blood work was showing my numbers were all over the place. One day I overheard my vet saying how thyroid meds make the thyroid shut down. Luckily I'd only been on the meds a couple of weeks.

Mimi told me about Chinese herbs for thyroid. She said it would take five months. I quit the meds and used her herbs. My doctor realized I hadn't refilled the prescription, said my blood work would show herbs didn't work.

A few days later his nurse called to say my numbers were good and I could continue with my "non traditional" treatment. 

- Teresa C

I saw Mimi for treatment of migraines, seeking acupuncture expertise. Although the acupuncture treatments were wonderful and quite helpful, Mimi took a far more holistic approach, listened to my story, and provided very helpful coaching tips to help me deal with my high stress life circumstances. In a relatively short time, she developed an understanding of my personality style and was able to fine tune her coaching to more specifically address my reaction to stressful situations and to help me heal the wounds of my past. 

– Marla A

I began seeing Mimi for acupuncture services after suffering for quite some time with bursitis of the hip. Traditional medicine had offered no relief. What became immediately apparent to me is Mimi’s sincerity and concern. She takes the time at the start of each appointment to listen to and respond to my concerns and she adjusts the treatment accordingly. The bursitis has shown significant improvement and I have begun to participate again in the physical activities I love! Mimi is a kind, caring, and compassionate person and I would enthusiastically recommend her services. 

– Judy Z

Mimi Pullen has a unique way of bringing out the best in people. She has a natural ability to assist her clients in taking charge of their life and health. Her caring attitude combined with understanding how to manage life's challenges make her the perfect coach for anyone wishing to transform their life. Jo S

When I first visited Mimi she introduced me to her practice of Chinese medicine and the possibilities it afforded a person like me. I am an older man who is extremely active. Now in my seventies, I still participate in road running races, race our sailboat, exercise frequently, and do a lot of physical labor. My most pressing problem at the time I sought out Mimi’s help was the onset of tinnitus after I had a tooth extracted. Whether or not tooth extraction and tinnitus are related, I don’t know, but the tinnitus was really bothersome. It was varying in frequency, duration, and intensity. After a number of physical examinations and tests, including an MRI, no physical problems were found, and I was told by my physician that there was nothing that could be done. I turned to Mimi for an opinion about what could be done using acupuncture and Chinese medicinal practices.

-- Chelsey B

On my first visit, Mimi explained that there was some chance that acupuncture and Chinese medicine could be helpful with my problem. She introduced philosophic concepts I had not examined, such as dualities in life and the need for balance. She pointed out the lack of balance that characterized my everyday life and discussed how I might engage my capacity to change. Over a number of visits, she empowered me to make positive, long term changes in my behavior. The view of health in Chinese medicine is concerned primarily with the harmonious interaction of bodily functions and the outside world. Not being well happens when your body is not in harmony or in balance. Mimi diagnosed my condition and prepared both medicines and acupuncture treatments accordingly.

Within three months, my tinnitus receded. The medicine that Mimi provided to nourish my yin and the acupuncture treatments had succeeded where traditional medicine had failed. At the moment, my tinnitus is completely gone most of the time, and rarely becomes more than a distraction when it does appear. But as important to me is the learning that I have been able to do so far. I have learned about the components of Chinese philosophy and basic elements of Chinese herbal medicine in so far as they apply to my treatment. I feel fortunate to have had time to work on my nutrition and health goals with Mimi. Mimi created a climate for me where positive change in my habits could occur and become, so far, a permanent part of my life.

- Walter L

Mimi is a qualified practitioner and a knowledgeable resource on so many levels! She is also amazingly compassionate, a very in-tune person and an astute listener, a tool which she uses well in her wellness coaching. She seems to intuitively know when to push and when not to, when to share and when to stay silent—qualities that I greatly respect and admire.

--Cindy C

As a patient of Mimi's for several years, I have received excellent treatment from her for various conditions relating to sleep, colds, sinuses, hormones and joints. The latest treatments have been for damage to sensory nerves in my right leg after having a total knee replacement. Pain medication did not touch the pain, but after a few weeks of acupuncture, I finally got some relief. The procedure my surgeon recommended made the problem worse.

Mimi is a very compassionate and empathetic person and a good listener. In addition to treating me with acupuncture she has introduced me to Qi Gong and heart-centered meditation, which are both very good for overall well being. Lastly, the Chinese herbs that she has available have always been an additional support to her acupuncture treatments.

- Diane L

Mimi Pullen is The Coaching Renaissance Woman extraordinaire. Her brilliant mind, tenacity, kindness, love, determination, strength and experience penetrate her talents and skills in the realms of acupuncture, Doctor of Chinese medicine, MBA in business, and being a Mother-of-Five.

Mimi’s work represents the spectrum of life from mindfulness to physical health to relationships. One of her many fortes is guiding and encouraging her clients to identify and let go of outdated patterns to create internal and external positive life experiences.

Mimi completed her coach-in-training at The Mindfulness Coaching School where she is successfully championing many of her clients (and colleagues) in combining mindfulness and wellness into their personal and professional lives.
We are all gifted by Mimi’s presence and wisdom at this time on our Earth. She’s the real thing!

Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC
Buddhist Chaplain, Master Certified Coach, Psychotherapist 

“I have worked with Mimi for many years, and I feel her positive and nurturing energy every time. She compassionately gets to the root of whatever issue I am having, and guides me on the very best way to navigate my healing, whether it be through her acupuncture services, Chinese holistic remedies or coaching. I encourage anyone to explore Mimi’s unique and intuitive approach. Now that I have moved to Duluth from Denver, I have been unable to find anyone that comes close to the level of care Mimi provides.”

~ Eric Klepinger

"Mimi originally treated me for my pregnancy-related hip pain and helped tremendously. Since then, she's assisted with other issues. Mimi is very kind and caring!"

~ Melissa Rucker

"Mimi Pullen is the owner and proprieter of Better Health and she is simply amazing. She performs acupuncture and prescribes Chinese herbal medicines to her clients. She is like a second mom to me, she knows all of my ups and downs, and every meeting she takes time to let me open up to her and just tell her everything that is going on. I find that to be the most helpful, when I can let her know whatever is going on, she may or may not be able to "treat" me for everything, but she always has a gracious insight that I take can take away from it feeling more positive. She is great, I love it here, and I am so glad she is in my life and making me feel better all of the time!"

~ Lauren C.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mimi Pullen for acupuncture therapy for about 6 months. I began this process to alleviate the symptoms I was experiencing from the beginning of menopause. I was having severe hot flashes, night sweats, headaches and anxiety problems. Throughout the course of treatment, I also contracted a couple cold viruses.

Mimi’s acupuncture treatments gave me immediate relief of the hot flashes, headaches and anxiety symptoms. The herbal teas she prescribed gave me lasting improvement that carried me through from session to session. Over the months, I have become stronger. Now, the menopause symptoms are nearly gone.

Her treatments for the acute cold and flu-like symptoms have been just as successful. There is immediate relief from the headaches and congestion during the acupuncture sessions. The herbal teas she makes have alleviated the fevers and chills along with the headaches and congestion. The treatments have decreased the duration of the colds and allowed me to continue working as a mom and teacher so I didn’t have to use any of my sick days.

I am getting ready to embark on Mimi’s treatment regime for chronic asthma and allergies that I have endured my entire life. I am looking forward to the first summer without sneezing, itching or wheezing.

I would be glad to talk to anyone, anytime if they have questions."

Jo Ann Hammond

Age 49, wife, mother and preschool teacher

"To Whom It May Concern,

I had always had a difficult time falling asleep. From the moment my head hit the pillow my mind started churning. With a strong aversion to prescription sleep aids because of their side-effects and dependency, I struggled with my sleep for years. Lack of sleep combined with chronic back pain from various injuries (also no good solutions in w med) led me to seek alternatives.

Mimi started treating me 6 months ago.

Mimi began treating me for back pain, and it immediately helped. She quickly sought out the root of my sleeping difficulties, addressed them through needling and an herbal supplement, and brought my awareness to detrimental patterns of worry.

It was fascinating and amazing how, over the course of treatment, Mimi recognized slight variations from week to week and adapted the session’s treatment accordingly. She listened and learned the nuances of my patterns. Her treatment was adapted to my specific needs--mentally, physically, and spiritually--on a given week.

Every passing week our healing partnership grew stronger. Her questions made me more aware of my role in my own health; additionally, the better information I was able to provide, the more specific her treatments was.

She helped me recognize and thwart my mental spinning of wheels and change detrimental patterns into positive ones.

My sleeping patterns improved dramatically. When it routinely took me an hour or more to fall asleep, I now find sleep in minutes. Mimi continues to work with me to alter my thinking patterns, reestablishing them as positive, turning a weakness into strength.

You can tell by the questions Mimi asks and the care she brings to the treatment that Mimi is invested in healing not only what is at the surface but also the underlying elements."

Kyle Goodrich

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