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What is Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine originated in China more than 2,500 years ago, making it one of the oldest and most commonly used medical systems in the world.  It is a $500 million annual health care industry in this country.


Chinese medicine includes a variety of healthcare modalities; acupuncture, Chinese herbology, nutritional therapy and Asian bodywork.


The ancient Chinese believed in a universal life energy called "qi" that is present in every living creature. Like a human battery, the body is electric, everything has an electric charge. This electricity, or energy, is organized in highly complex and specific pathways, called meridians. When these electricity bundles or pathways become blocked, clogged, or stuck in any way, the body loses its balance, and disease occurs. Chinese medicine reestablishes balance in the body and reinstates good health.


Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine involves the classical procedures of observation, listening, questioning and palpitation, including pulse taking and tongue diagnosis.


Better Health Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine currently treats patients in the Denver metro area including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Golden, Littleton, Cherry Creek, and other surrounding Denver suburbs.

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